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Catnip Leaf Herbal Tincture
Catnip Leaf Herbal Tincture

Catnip Leaf Herbal Tincture

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One of the best ways to control anxiety, Catnip is a mild sedative that can help you relax as well as get a good night's sleep.
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Catnip is a nervous system "calmative" that helps the body reduce restlessness, stress, tension, and hyperactivity - plus it acts as an overall herbal pain reliever to ease tension headaches, migraines, and cramps.

A member of the mint family, catnip's list of benefits to humans keeps going:
  • Catnip may improve mental focus, reduce distractions and enhance learning retention.
  • Catnip is helpful for sleep disorders like insomnia and prevention of nightmares. It has been reported to induce sleep in humans and a general state of calm without producing after-effects the following day. 
  • Catnip has a very calming effect on the ADHD brain. 
  • Catnip is believed to relax tight muscles, generally inducing relaxation and relieving nervous anxiety, depression, excitability, etc.
  • Catnip is gentle enough for children.
  • Catnip is mostly helpful in one-off situations, like when you need to unwind after a particularly stressful day.

Generally, catnip is a very safe herb (for both cats and people). Because of its mild sedative effect, catnip can cause drowsiness. It’s best to try it first at night until you see how you react.

Uncommon side effects include allergic reactions, digestive upset, and headaches.

Contraindications: Catnip should not be taken by women with pelvic inflammatory disease or heavy menstrual cycles. The herb stimulates menstruation and can make either of these conditions worse. Stop using catnip 2 weeks prior to any surgery, and talk to your doctor before using if you are taking any kind of medications or have a medical condition.

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