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Cleanse & Clarify Skin Foods Box
Cleanse & Clarify Skin Foods Box

Cleanse & Clarify Skin Foods Box

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Your skin care routine in a box, with 5 favorites for oily/acne prone/troubled skin.
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Inside this box:

Skin Rescue Vitamin A Organic Soap (1.5 oz)
Packed with botanical heroes that go to work on excess oil production, clearing up acne, protecting pores, and reducing irritation and inflammation.

Yarrow + Witch Hazel Mattifying Face Mist (1 oz)
This is the perfect pick-me-up for those with enlarged pores, suffering from mid-day shine, or simply looking for a way to keep your skin feeling fresh throughout the day. This formula is designed to absorb pore-clogging impurities while also delivering hydration to encourage a clear, healthy, even, complexion. 

Skin Rescue Facial Cream (0.5 oz)
Gentle, non-scented formula eases redness and irritation. Perfect for all skin types.

Facial Cleansing Oil - Gold (7.5 mL)
The Oil Cleansing Method does not disrupt the skin's lipid surface, leaving the moisture barrier intact and your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth. The Oil Cleansing Method is also ideal for anyone with:
  • oily skin (oil dissolves oil and your skin will get the moisture it's seeking so it doesn't have to overproduce sebum)
  • rosacea (your cleanser may be too harsh for your sensitive skin)
  • eczema (oil cleansing may help calm dry, painful skin irritations)
  • psoriasis (gently cleanse without irritating inflamed skin)

Activated Charcoal Triple Clay Facial Mask (0.72 oz)
We infused this mask with our Chaga Mushroom, which is very well known to help replace much needed Beta Gluten, boosting healthy glowing skin while deeply working on the damage from the sun. Along with Activated Charcoal, we added Sea Green Clay and White Clay for triple action! These clays naturally pull out impurities while rebalancing the skin with much-needed minerals. Acne sufferers will enjoy this mask to help clear up troubled areas!

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