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Facial Cleansing Oil - Gold

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With CoQ10 & Rose Hip Seed Oil
Product ID: FO-103-20
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Size: 2 ounces
If your goal is to age gracefully, hydration is the first thing to consider. The Oil Cleansing Method does not disrupt the skin's lipid surface, leaving the moisture barrier intact and your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth. 

The Oil Cleansing Method is also ideal for anyone with:
  • oily skin (oil dissolves oil and your skin will get the moisture it's seeking so it doesn't have to overproduce sebum)
  • rosacea (your cleanser may be too harsh for your sensitive skin)
  • eczema (oil cleansing may help calm dry, painful skin irritations)
  • psoriasis (gently cleanse without irritating inflamed skin)

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