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First Aid Trio - Healing Salves Kit
First Aid Trio - Healing Salves Kit

First Aid Trio - Healing Salves Kit

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Be ready for those cuts, bites, abrasions, burns, bruises, scrapes, rashes and more with this collection of healing skin salves.
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Size: 3 two-ounce tins
NOTE: The supply of Arnica Montana is very limited right now, which has caused an increase in price which takes effect March 1, 2022.
1. Tea Tree & White Willow Bark
Tea tree is the #1 anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial plant-based remedy for cuts, abrasions, burns, bites, stings and more. We add White Willow Bark and Calendula Petals for topical soothing relief.

2. Arnica Montana
Arnica Montana is used topically for a wide range of conditions including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling from broken bones. This formula melts into your skin as you relax, penetrating sore tissues and muscles. We add White Willow Bark for topical pain relief, Skullcap to calm the nerves down, Comfrey Root to help knit wounds, sprains or even broken bones, and Lavender for its soothing effect.

3. Skin To Bone
Medicinal herbs only - no essential oils. Perfect for sun & wind burns, diaper rash, prickly heat rash, hand & cuticle repair. Organic Calendula, gathered from our gardens during the warm summer months, is known to speed up skin cell replacement. We add hand-harvested Plantain Leaves and freshly picked Mullein Flowers to help keep your skin soft and to deliver deeper, faster relief.

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