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Frankincense and Myrrh Organic Body Lotion
Frankincense and Myrrh Organic Body Lotion

Frankincense and Myrrh Organic Body Lotion

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A deeply meditative and grounding essential oil blend.
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Size: 8 ounces
NOTE: Our lotion is SUPER thick, so we now offer it in a wide-mouth jar.
Both frankincense and myrrh are derived from the gummy sap that oozes out of the Boswellia and Commiphora trees, respectively, when their bark is cut, and have been traded in the Middle East and North Africa for upwards of 5,000 years. Valuable commodities that were exported by camel caravans throughout the known world, only royalty or the wealthy could afford either. Ancient Egyptian queens and pharaohs used frankincense and myrrh topically for skin care and rejuvenation, in cosmetics and facial masks.

One of the easiest ways to pamper yourself, a body lotion's main job is to moisturize. Our formula kicks it up a few notches with ingredients that help strengthen the skin's barrier while improving tone and texture.

We start and finish our lotions in house, from the best skin-loving ingredients you can find:

Medium chain triglycerides contain naturally-occurring antioxidants and fatty acids that nourish and moisturize skin. MCT oil has an impressive list of cosmetic qualities: Emollient (Soothing/Softening), Conditioning, Hydrating, Revitalizing, Strengthening, Protective, Clarifying, Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne, Anti-Irritant

High Oleic Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil, which is non-comedogenic, highly absorbent, and won’t clog pores, contains several compounds that have benefits for skin. They include:
  • oleic acid - has a high lipid count, making it a great natural moisturizer and one that can penetrate deep into your skin.
  • vitamin E - an antioxidant that can help protect skin from free radicals and from adverse effects of the sun, such as premature aging and wrinkles.
  • linoleic acid - helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier, supporting its ability to retain moisture. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect when used topically.
In addition to Omega-3 and Omega-6, high-oleic sunflower oil contains Omega-9. All three of these monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) help prevent and reduce skin inflammation, protect against infection, and reduce signs of aging caused by sun exposure.

Shea Butter
Used for centuries, shea butter is a natural wonder and a veritable superfood for your skin. Besides being extremely moisturizing, it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Shea also helps prevent acne, boost collagen production, and promote cell regeneration.

Coconut Oil
The coconut oil is what locks all that newfound moisture into your skin. Coconut oil also calms temporary redness, soothes irritation, helps shield skin from environmental toxins, smooths, and - over time - can actually improve the texture of skin!

Vegetable Glycerine
Vegetable glycerin is all about moisturizing power! Research shows that applying glycerin-containing products to your skin may gradually improve its smoothness and suppleness, and may protect your skin against irritants and microbes, as well as soothe inflamed or wounded skin.

Our lotions contain no chemicals, parabens or phthalates.

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