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Gardener's Friends 3-Piece Set
Gardener's Friends 3-Piece Set

Gardener's Friends 3-Piece Set

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Protect yourself from the effects of poison ivy, oak and sumac, nettle stings, cuts and abrasions, and more.
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Itch B Gone Spray (2.7 ounces)
You can spray yourself BEFORE you get into an itchy situation as a preventive! Locally harvested fresh Jewelweed is extracted to produce the lovely orange juice known for its skin healing properties. Jewelweed works by counteracting the urushiol in poison plants that cause uncomfortable skin rashes, itching and swelling. Our Itch B Gone spray can also alleviate insect bites, hives, nettle stings and chronic skin rashes. Jewelweed juice must be freshly harvested to be effective. We use witch hazel in our blend for its amazing astringency, to help keep the juice in the areas sprayed while helping to dry out weeping sores on the skin. Safe for babies and up! Simply spray Itch B Gone on affected areas several times a day for instant relief and speedy healing. 

Itch B Gone Soap (4 ounces)
Wash your hands, arms, and any exposed skin BEFORE heading into the garden as a preventive measure, and after coming into contact with any itch-inducing plants. Formulated with rash-soothing Jewelweed, Chickweed and Plantain to relieve the itch from psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, oak & sumac. No essential oils.

Tea Tree Salve (2 ounces)
Your go-to first aid salve! Anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial plant-based remedy for cuts, abrasions, burns, bites, stings and more.

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