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Queen Bee Organic Soap
Queen Bee Organic Soap

Queen Bee Organic Soap

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Botanical-infused nourishing oils and Rose Bulgaria floral wax
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Size: 4+ ounces
This soap is crafted a little differently than our other cold-process soaps. The floral wax from Bulgarian Rose Damascena flowers delivers just enough scent along with soothing and softening properties for the skin. We left out the cocoa butter (which would have overpowered the delicate Bulgarian Rose scent), and added skin-loving jojoba oil and our own rosehip seed oil. The result is a creamy soap that is perfect for face and body.

What is a floral wax?
A floral wax is created in processing flowers to capture their fragrances. A flower is made into an "absolute" by using a solvent to extract its delicate fragrance. A natural solid wax, with a gentler aroma than the absolute, is left behind – and this is the floral wax.

Cindi's Sacred Garden soaps are handcrafted in small batches and then cut by hand, which means that each and every bar produced is unique. Design and color may vary from batch to batch, and the bar you receive may not exactly match the image on this page.

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