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Spirit of Winter Solstice Ritual Box
Spirit of Winter Solstice Ritual Box

Spirit of Winter Solstice Ritual Box

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In the Spirit of Winter Solstice, we offer you this special box of thoughtfully wildcrafted, lovingly alchemized treasures: Winter Solstice Herbal Tea, Rosehip & Pine Infused Honey, White Pine Sap Salve, The Flame of Solstice Candle, Bathing Salts, Sugar Scrub, Rosehip Honey Lip Balm
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Under the thick cloak of darkness, by the light of stars and the cool exhale of cycles drawing to a close, The Spirit of Winter Solstice comes to us with an offering—a gift. On December 21st, a magical portal opens and invites us to release our shadows and embrace the returning light. This portal stays open for 12 days. During this 12-day period, our ancestors call to us through time-honored traditions, ceremony, deep roots, spices, herbs, festive sweets, and nourishing rituals.

During the busiest season of all, we are reminded of the importance of creating space for stillness and sanctuary within ourselves. Here at Cindi’s Sacred Garden, we often find solace through connection with nature spirits and our plant medicine allies. In the Spirit of Winter Solstice, we offer you this special box of thoughtfully wildcrafted, lovingly alchemized treasures.

We honor the dance between light and dark by featuring our beloved, locally harvested and vitamin C rich plant allies of this season:Rosehip - Her delicate, sweet red berries remind us to walk with open hearts. She helps us embody the receptive feminine nature of our maidens, mothers and crones.Pine – the resilient, ever-green warrior who oozes the very medicine he needs to heal others and himself. “The trees who gift themselves year-round.”

We invite you to participate in the celebration of your spirit!

Rituals for Calling in the Spirit of Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice Herbal Tea - Calming chamomile invites us to unwind, rose unfurls our hearts and lavender calls in deep wisdom, while pine and rosehip offer their immune-boosting properties. Try taking a period of quiet morning meditation and greeting the sun before starting your usual routine. May be steeped before an intentional afternoon pause to accompany reflective journaling or a catnap. Or try drinking this herbal elixir while evening star-gazing (before, during, or after your bathing ritual)!

Rosehip & Pine Infused Honey - this little jar of amber delight is brought to you by way of everything local! Add to your tea for a vitamin C boost or a small drop on your tongue to bring you back into the sweetness of your pure spirit.

White Pine Sap Salve - Use this salve to soothe what ails you—splinters, cuts, scrapes, wounds. We recommend anointing your third eye for awakening clarity, vision, and the knowledge of what is needed to heal your spirit. Anoint the lips when needed to speak your truth. Sit with a beloved partner, friend, or family member and anoint each other’s hearts to facilitate deeper connection.

The Flame of Solstice - Traditionally, the yuletide flames stay lit for 12 days. We call in the element of fire to keep our hearths warm through the winter season. We call on the light of creative awareness. Our solstice flame features pure beeswax mingled with the aroma of fir needle. Ancient myrrh resin and sandalwood essences activate our cellular memories, transporting us to a time before time. Use this flame to ignite your intentions, as a focal point for meditation, or to add a glow to your bathing ritual.

Bathing Ritual - We recommend drawing water as you steep your cup of tea and light a candle. Set the mood: Play gentle music, or something which evokes a sense of peace within you. 
  • Bathing Salts - add entire jar of bath salts to your bath to detoxify the body and mind. Dead sea and Pink Himalayan salts combine to draw out any impurities. Rosehip and pine aroma awakens your senses while gifting beneficial antioxidants, circulation, and overall vibrancy to your skin. Use this time to “steep yourself” in the reflective element of water. Meditate on what wants to be born within you.
  • Sugar scrub - Slough of dead skin cells which hold the memories of every place we’ve been and person or thing we’ve come into contact with. We shed skin cells on a regular basis, but we offer this ritual to facilitate shedding deeper layers. Release what no longer serves you and uncover your journey back toward the sun!

Rosehip Honey Lip Balm - One final touch to complete the circle: the soft, silky touch of rosehip infused lip balm, colored with beet root powder. Our words and prayers hold power. When we speak to them to the universe, the universe answers.

May you always know Love. 
May you always speak Truth.
May you be Light to those you encounter.

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