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Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup 10.1 ounce
Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup 10.1 ounce

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup 10.1 ounce

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Use up to 14 days for chronic cough.
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Size: 10.1 ounces
Suggested Use
Adults: 1 tablespoon 3 to 5 times per day with chronic cough. Children: 1 teaspoon 2-4 times per day with chronic cough.

Use for no more than 14 days.

What's in it, and why:
Wild Cherry Bark: used for colds, whooping cough, bronchitis, and other lung problems; diarrhea; gout; digestive disorders; pain; and cancer. It is also used in cough syrups because of its sedative, expectorant, drying, and cough-suppressing effects. IMPORTANT: inner bark of the cherry tree is a very old and revered herbal remedy used by both indigenous Native Americans and ancient Chinese physicians to relieve coughs, colds, and congestion. However, cherry bark tea/syrup should be used only for short-term treatment (10-14 days) as it contains hydrocyanic acid, which can be toxic if taken in excess. This substance is also what helps wild cherry bark work; as it is metabolized it is excreted rapidly by the lungs, where at first it increases respiration and then quiets and calms the nerves that stimulate coughing.

Elecampane Root: for cough control; the pungent root is the part used in herbal medicine; it is harvested in the autumn when the plant is two or three years old. The taste of the fresh or dried root is strong: it imparts a bitter, spicy, and warming flavor all at once. Elecampane is most famous for its ability to strengthen and support the respiratory system. It is known as one of the best herbal expectorants for congested and stuck mucus in the chest, phlegmy coughs, and many respiratory infections, such as bronchitis. It can reach deep into the lungs and gets things moving again by clearing and releasing old infected mucus.

Horehound: is an expectorant herb, meaning it helps loosen mucus from the lungs. It is also used for lung & breathing in coughs, whooping cough, bronchitis & asthma. 

Marshmallow Root: A small study from 2005 found that an herbal cough syrup containing marshmallow root was effective in relieving coughs due to colds, bronchitis, or respiratory tract diseases. The marshmallow herb contains mucilage, which coats the throat and soothes irritation.

Rose Hip: contains a lot of vitamin C.

Slippery Elm: soothes a cough, sore throat, and bronchitis.

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